All of my work is about surfaces and layers, about hiding and finding. 
Poems, stories, glazes, slips, varnish, wax, paint, ink.

Each piece is made up of a million unconscious decisions. 
I want my work to show my energy but I don’t really want  you to see it. 

When you tune in you simply know when a piece of work is alive 
or if it is dead, overworked or underdone. 

There is a note, a chord that sings true when you know the right colour 
and shape and when to leave it well alone.

Louise Rainbow is a painter, writer, screen printer and ceramicist.
Louise studied Fine Art, Printmaking and Creative Writing at Bretton Hall College, Leeds University. 
After graduating she spent two years writing, performing and touring comedy and performance poetry 
‘Not Very Lady Like’ with The Live Poets Society in Manchester.

Louise’s work is concerned with a personal need to recall a sensory, often lost moment in time, 
an emotionally charged memory fragment, a mark, a touch, a taste something to be reordered, 
transformed and recorded, pocketed as it moves away from us in time.

In her career as a painter her work was selected for the Royal College of Art Hunting Prize. 
Louise has also exhibited herpaintings and ceramics with shows entitled Field Notes, VIVID and EVOKE.

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