Louise Rainbow is a painter, writer and ceramicist. She studied Fine Art, Printmaking and Creative Writing at Bretton Hall. After studying she spent two years writing performance poetry ‘Not Very Lady Like’ and doing stand up with The Live Poets Society in Manchester. 
She had her paintings selected and sold at the RCA and has been painting and making ceramics since then. She is writing a book called VIVID. About olfactory head trips and sensual emotional triggers that change your life.
‘All of my work is about layers. Poems, stories, glazes, slips, varnish, wax, paint. I want my work to show my energy. I want to hide, I must be seen. Each piece made up of multiple layers showing and hiding truth’
My work is concerned with a personal need to recall a sensual often lost moment in time, an emotionally charged memory fragment, a mark, a touch, a taste something to be reordered, transformed and recorded,  pocketed as it simply moves away from us in time.

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